City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The Council shall take final action on:

(a) Appeals from the decisions of the Planning Commission;

(b) Reclassifications;

(c) Planned Developments;

(d) Site Plan and Architectural Review for buildings exceeding 55 feet in height;

(e) General Plan Amendments;

(f) Historic Building Survey Amendment;

(g) Historic Building Demolition Permit;

(h) Every project which includes as part of the site any parcel of land which is in whole or in part subject to the tidelands trust provisions of State law;

(i) Every project which is fully or partially funded by the City and which is subject to Planning Commission review under 27.06.040.

(j) Downtown Economic Development Permit.

(k) The City Council may initiate and enact ordinances, including interim zoning ordinances/moratoria, without having to file a planning application.