San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) Persons receiving an administrative citation may appeal it within 10 working days from the date the administrative citation is served. The notice of appeal must be in writing, and accompanied by the nuisance abatement fee, and must specify the basis for the appeal. It must be received by the City within 10 working days. If the deadline falls on a weekend or City holiday, then the deadline shall be extended until the next regular business day.

(b) The Community Relations Commission will hear and decide administrative citation appeals.

(c) As soon as practicable after receiving the written notice of appeal, the City shall review it for sufficiency. If found to be complete and in conformance with this section, the City shall set the appeal hearing for the next available Community Relations Commission meeting. Written notice of the time and place for the hearing may be served by personal service, or first class mail to the address provided by the responsible party on the notice of appeal.

(d) The failure of any person with an interest in the property to receive such properly addressed notice of the hearing shall not affect the validity of any proceedings under this chapter. Service by first class mail shall be effective on the date of mailing.

(e) Failure of any person to file an appeal in accordance with the provisions of this section shall constitute a waiver of that person's rights to contest the merits of the citation and the imposition of the nuisance abatement fee.

(f) The Community Relations Commission shall conduct an orderly fair hearing and accept evidence on which persons commonly would rely in the conduct of their business affairs as follows:

(1) A valid citation shall be prima facie evidence of the violation;

(2) The Community Relations Commission shall accept testimony by declaration under penalty of perjury relating to the violation and the appropriate means of correcting the violation;

(3) The owner, agent, responsible party, or any other interested person may present testimony or evidence concerning the violation and the means and time frame for correction.

(g) The City shall establish all appropriate administrative regulations for conducting hearings and rendering decisions pursuant to this section.

(h) The Community Relations Commission shall determine whether to affirm or dismiss the administrative citation. The Commission may reduce, waive or conditionally reduce the nuisance abatement fee stated in the citations or any late fees assessed based on a showing of good cause. The Commission may impose conditions and deadlines for correction of violations and make such direction to enforcement officers to assure compliance.

(i) The Community Relations Commission shall make findings based on the record of the hearing and make a written decision based on the findings. The City shall preserve all exhibits submitted by the parties for a 180-day period and shall serve the decision by first class mail on the contestant within 10 working days after the hearing. The decision of the Commission may be appealed to the City Council in writing within 10 working days of the day the Commission's decision is served. The appeal before the City Council will follow the same procedures and requirements as the Community Relations Commission hearing.